Friday, January 26, 2018

Closing Chapter

Almost half of a year without any post. Life has been through a lot meanwhile. No, I am not going to write about them. Not here anymore.

This time I wasn't being lazy neither forgot about the existence of this blog. I read my old posts here, cherished old day memories.
No matter if you are reading this by chance or just found it while checking if I have posted anything new, "welcome".

For any new visitor, there are plenty of writings in this site you may take a look. This is a pretty much messy blog. Here, I have used all language I was capable of using. I wrote fiction and non-fiction including my daily errands. Some might feel interesting in taking a look on one's life though. I know, you people exist. ;)

Those, who already kind of aware that I stopped posting here also know why I did. Either you are one of the reason why I stopped and congratulations on your success! Are you really succeed? No need answer, thanks. Peace!

If you are none of those kind people I mentioned above, (I know you are, still reading this blog after all!) here I am finally saying it, "I stopped writing here". As you might already know about me that, nothing is so constant in me so I might post again which I myself has very much doubt on.  Thank you very much for being a part of this journey. I really appreciate this. You guys know how to reach me, anyway.

No, I won't be able to stop blogging ever. This is not the end, you and me both know.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Not Very Handy TravelBlog

This post should have more photos less words. However, as this is MY blog I am going to give priority in words rather than photos. I mean, c'mon! Search on google you will get a bunch of nice photos about Jeju Island. Many professional photographers out there captured the beauty of Jeju. Yes, I believe many great writers out there in world web wrote about Jeju already too. None of them could have write about MY very own trip, right?
So, the trip was super short. Due to unfriendly weather and time shortage I couldn't travel around all around Jeju. Here I would like to say, the public transport in Jeju Island is worst. I understand it is quite impossible to make subway lines, then why not metro train? Or simply introduce more buses in same route. The Island gets a lot of tourist each year and I doubt any of them has that much of extra time to wait for a single bus for more than 35 minutes.
Or is it because of the huge market of rent car and taxis?

Anyway, apart from this I really liked Jeju. It has the warm summer wind I used to enjoy back in home. It was my first time to ride on a ship and it was really amazing! I have heard people talking about sea sickness. Okay, been there, done it. I didn't experience sea sickness at all. On the contrary, I got a chance to get wet in rain while was in middle of sea. How amazing is that?
Not convinced very much?

Okay, I also had a chance to get drench in heavy rainfall while struggling to stand straight even though getting hit by pacific ocean waves. If this doesn't convince you, I don't now what would. End of the day, I find happiness in this silly matters.
Discovering the toy heaven was another amazing part of the tour. I talked about it already in my SNS and hopefully going write up another blog (maybe not here) about it.
The Lava Cave was an extra ordinary feeling to get in. It was so hot outside, as soon as we get in there it was more than a winter. Later I found it was 13 degree centigrade in there. The cave made me feel once again how small life span I have as a human being. Even if I manage to survive 70 years, it's actually nothing comparing how old this planet is. I felt so tiny in there (and of course cold!)
We hiked Seongsan park, another creation of volcano hidden under the island. It wasn't that high but once again the hit almost sucked up all of my life juice. It was worth it though. It was my first time to see Haenyeo.

Haenyeo stands for Sea Woman literally. These women have some supersonic power of holding breathe. They dive down sea without any oxygen tank and bring out seaweeds, shellfish various kinds of seafood. I was curious to know why is this profession is female dominant and the answer was quite interesting. Males were used to out in middle of sea for fishing, so females mostly got engaged in finding food near seashore area. It was impressive to find this female divers.
Talking about food- I am always a seafood lover. I enjoyed food there. My favorite was maybe the special Yu-gae-jang I had as dinner on second night. It was nowhere near to the regular one I used to have. It was best. I loved the fish fry and all the seafoods there. I didn't like one certain of shellfish locally known as "소라" (Sora) or Turbo cornutus. It tasted like bitter sand. Apart from this I enjoyed every bite of other sea foods. Yum!! 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Lessons You Not Going To Learn #1

Here's the thing, still there's more than a week to end of this month. However, I am already done A LOT of stuffs with a TONS of new experience. It is now quite hard to put all of them in sequence. So on this post I will basically put on words about my last Seoul trip(!)

I had a very cinematic day in Seoul. It is a huge city and we ran from this corner to that corner almost whole day. I was lucky that I had an accompany otherwise, I afraid I would have simply buy a ticket to Bangladesh. Being foreigner is difficult. Specially where you have the language barrier- it could be really frustrating.

Anyway, after I was done with my errands I got a chance to visit Jayden's home. It was different experience to visit his place. It's been a while I haven't been with a real family in a real house. I was sitting there and watching his family members talking and doing random stuffs. His nephew is so cute! It was amazing when Jayden's mum cooked dinner for us. They were almost ready to go outside for dinner but later changed their mind. It was interesting to see they have those side dishes even in home. It's not only a restaurant thing. Al though I didn't realize how did she expect me to eat the whole chicken by own! The Samgyethang was delicious but sadly I couldn't finish it.

I traveled on train for the first time in Korea. It wasn't the first class ticket of course. (Things happens when you are not with your dad- no premium train ticket) I realize how bad idea it was to take train back to home. The whole train was enlightened all the way and obviously the sound was there to not let me sleep. I will recommend the cheapest bus Seoul to Gwangju than taking the train. If you also need a sleep during journey, then trust me, bus is way better.

I reached Gwangju almost midnight and it was already late for dormitory. To avoid getting penalty point wound up in a cafe. It is summer in Korea and I really had a very tiresome day in Seoul. When I reached cafe, I was almost having a heat stroke. I don't know, right now when I am writing this after one week it sounds so exaggerated. However it was really so much uncomfortable I wound up putting  ice  on my head. Thankfully, they served separated ice for drinks.

Anyway, all's well that ends well. I returned room at early morning after the sunrise. No doubt, I was exhausted. However, I learned some simple lessond. No, I am not going to put the lessons here. You gotta run by yourself (maybe with someone like, Jayden) to learn those.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Thank You Note From a Sleepyhead

I woke up before the alarm rang and shrugged once more on my sleeping schedule. It's been a while I am not getting proper sleep. However, I had a shower and rushed to GIC for the Human Rights Forum Discussion meetup. I reached there exactly in time. After the meetup I had volunteered for the GIC Talk. I was done by 5.30 and ready to come back my room when I got a call. I was asked to wait 30 minutes because my friend had an emergency discussion with me. I was really pissed off when he took more than an hour just to say, he will reach withing 10 minutes. Anyway, I met some local social activists and had dinner with them.
I asked Jayden  to join me and went to Lotteria to meet my friend. He was talking about the lamest thing ever and I regretted for taking him seriously. Meanwhile he came and we three headed to the Mexican Restaurant we most often hangout. With my sheer surprise I found other three of my friends were already there.
They planned it for my upcoming birthday which was totally unexpected. Honestly I was ready to have cake next weekend but not two days ago. It was so sweet of them and I just love this cute Spiderman pillow!
We had a dart game where I sucked. It doesn't matter though cause I got the birthday presents. No words would be sufficient enough to describe how lucky I was feeling at that moment. People- I love and close to my hearts were there- all together.
Anyway, I was getting super sleepy and headed to dormitory sooner than we planned. I was supposed to sleep but some work didn't let me. I mean, I can do them next morning but I it was making me feel stress. So I did it and now before the emotions get faded I am putting them in short. At least it is not exaggerated and the real thought of mine.
One more time,
People, if any of you reading this, I am happy to have you in my short life. I am glad that we met and we are friends. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Third Eid Ul Fitre Abroad

So here it is. Another Eid day passed "very successfully"
Fortunately, it was Sunday. I am saying fortunately because most other Muslims here were able to celebrated this day because it was on Sunday. It didn't matter to me though, as I am already on my summer vacation.
So the night before Eid wasn't really ant typical Bangladeshi traditional night before Eid day. Apu dada was covered on Gwangju blog recently so he gave all of us a treat. Trust me, he is so bad with remembering places. We walked a good one hour (maybe) just to fond out the restaurant was closed. So we wind up in a "European Style" which was 100% Korean. The chicken wasn't best, unfortunately but it doesn't matter. I had a large "Cajun Chicken Burger" just before the chicken hunt.
I returned home with Alvi and on our way, the taxi driver were irritated at us because we were using English. We ignored him and pretended that we didn't understand him. It worked. He was suddenly polite when we get off from his taxi.
Anyway I woke up really early around 5.00am. Seems like old habit hardly dies. I submitted the article at KISU blogsite and did some personal research. It was nearly 9.00 am when I took a nap. I woke up at 10.00am and took a shower. I went to visit Protiva apuu's place. We later went to downtown. I bought some summer clothes. I returned and had dinner at Mushfiq vaiya's home. Later I visited another friend's home to watch a movie together. We watched the "Dictator" and "Bon cop, Bad cop" together. It was fun. I had to return my dormitory early so rushed and made it exactly 2 minutes before the curfew starts.
I saw students for this year's summer school have already arrived. I felt bad for a while tinkikng about all the exchange students who left after this semester. Good thing is, I made a Korean friend this semester. I know this is not even related but I can't stop myself from mentioning how hard working student he is and how lucky I was having him on this semester. I know he has barely any chance to read this however, if you are reading this, you know who you are- I admire you!
It's almost 3.00 am in the morning when I am writing this post. I wanted to put only what I did on this Eid day, seems like a lot things done but not really mentioned here.
My feelings? It didn't feel like Eid Day at all. Yeah I had delicious foods but it was just another typical Sunday to me. That's pretty much. Third Eid in Korea- seems like I've been used to it already.

NB: Just noticed I have mentioned a lot of names on this post! 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Update of Last Few Days

Last few days were between up & downs. That's how life works, right?
I have focused more on my study than anything else. Honestly it is difficult to do so. I minimized using Social Networking Sites. Guess what? Wind up making real life friends. We study together and then walk around the campus. Meanwhile, last week my school celebrated its 65th years of success. It feels so strange sometimes, I've been here for two years and two years remained. I am so much attached with this place right now. Everyday I am making all the memories- I think after the B.N School, Chittagong, Chonnam is going to be the similar place like that institute. Full of memories, story of success and fall downs and what not! Okay, I have two years more to go. SO, still lots of time to chill and relax.
For some reasons two of my friend thought it was my birthday on 4th June. I simply thanked them, didn't even feel the necessity of saying it was wrong date. I am still not ready to contact with Dir. I have a feeling I wont be able ever.
I have found an awesome active group to work on Bengali Wikipedia. To be frank, they are more active than me. That's good. I have a certain plan to do during this summer. I hope I will manage that. Talking about summer, I am going to join a lab this summer. It is Computational System Biology Lab. Still, I am nit sure what would they use me for. I will gladly clean the test tubes even if they need me to do that.
I did my first report as a reporter of our campus magazine. You can read it here. CNU Celebrates Its 65th Anniversary
 Being a professional journalist is harder than I thought.  So many rules and regulation to follow. Let's see how long I can survive here. Maybe because of the language, it sounds so rude when my senior talks with me in English. She is quite friendly when she speaks in Korean though. Weird!
Honestly, I am still going through a difficult mental situation. I am not sure how to express. I am so sock of seeing people with double face around me. Trust issue is building up inside me in a stronger way. I am trying my best to say myself, this is how human species is. This is how society work. Apparently, I myself is not ready to listen this. I hope I can survive.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Ramadan Begins

So this is my Ramadan for third time here in abroad. I vividly remember Ramdan days back in my home. Obviously it is difficult to fast here. Anyway,  like last two years,  I started Ramadan with giving it a shot. My roommate didn't know about fasting all day before. She is a freshman, remember. She was amused to see my praying before. She is learning a lot, I guess. She said, I will lose weight if I continue this. I don't blame her, people here are so much into loosing weight.

Everything was quite fine untill I had to go out around 1.30pm. I had to go for work at GIC. On my way to bus stop the road is little higher than average. Well for any flat land residence that's enough high. When I was taking that road I felt dizzy.
I started saying myself I should not fall cause that will be super troublesome. Can you imagine yourself feeling sick and ttelling yourself not to be sick cause there's none to take care of you.
Welcome to my life!
Anyway, I made it to GIC without loosing my sense. I did all need to do. Ana asked why
 I looked so tired. Of course people was amazed that I wasn't drinking any water. Ana said that's good for health and I broke the misconception.
No, fasting like this is not healthy at all. Yes, it
 has religious value but excuse you, no scientific value.
She looked surprised and agreed that this is not really healthy. However, yeah. This is a part of religion. 
Anyway,  my friends had a dinner plan so basically my first Iftar wasn't nearly any traditional Iftar. I just had typical dinner on Iftar time.
Honestly, I was 10 minutes late because we were looking for a perfect dinner place. 
After dinner and drinking good amount of water I felt better. Meanwhile, I talked with my father. He didn't know I was fasting and asked me not to force myself.  Of course, I will not. I won't be that naive.

 Okay, that's pretty much about my first fast for this Ramadan.
I know nothing exciting.

Closing Chapter

Almost half of a year without any post. Life has been through a lot meanwhile. No, I am not going to write about them. Not here anymore. ...